A young architect's apartment

Smol on a sofa

The challenge for the architect was to redesign a complete interior from scratch for an apartment situated in the attic of a residential building in Warsaw. Though it was difficult demolishing an existing partition and replacing a large, missing section of the floor, the most difficult part of the renovation was in fact achieving a design consistent with the architect’s vision.

The entrance reveals the main motifs that can be seen throughout the design; with its contrastive colour combination of white and black, and the signature geometrical motif of circles.

The hall has been simply finished off with a coat rack, designer clock, large mirror, and a shelf for small items, creating a clean, uncluttered space as you enter the apartment.

Schemat funkcjonalny Gdanski

The shape of the made-to-measure fitted furniture mirrors the slant of the attic roof. The intention was to finish the walls and furniture in such a way, that the main lines in the living area create a well-balanced, open space.  

Dworzec Gdanski

The living space has been designed to be conducive to relaxation and entertainment. The corner is an ideal place to lounge, read books, and perhaps browse YouTube on the TV.

Porownanie dworcow

The architect's dream had always been to have a multifunctional kitchen Island; this was achieved by creating a kind of "captain's bridge". While working at the island one is able to continue interacting with family and guests, even while preparing food; and of course to appreciate the panoramic views over Warsaw.

Elewacja dworca gdanskiego

The classic oak flooring laid in a mosaic fashion offers a warming element,  like a dining table belonging to the recreational zone.

The kitchen is complete with a black oven, which is consistent with the other kitchen furniture and cabinets. 

This is one of the many interesting functional yet well-thought out solutions.

Finding interior components with a circular theme was extraordinarily simple, yet made possible a consistent design throughout.

A quirky feature of the interior is the wall-mounted bike, which reflects the architect’s pragmatic approach of blending both elegant design with practical beauty.

The bedroom has a different feel and mood from the rest of the apartment. There are a combination of modern and traditional elements, with on the one hand the sleek chest of drawers on legs, gleaming mirrors, and glistening metallic-finished walls, while on the other the oak parquet, fluffy sheepskin rug, and white cascading curtains.

The most treasured piece in the bedroom is the Chierowski easy chair which has been lovingly restored and upholstered in a mustard-coloured fabric.

The clean, open space in the fitness room creates a very conducive atmosphere for training without disturbance or obstruction. 

Due to the unintuitively numbered apartments, a small sign was necessary. The same graphic also appears on the front door of which the inner circle of the digit 6 functions as a peephole.

Rzut czesci podziemnej

The Workshop located in the attic can be reached via duck stairs. The graphics leading up to the attic of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, and a replica of the historical signpost of the underpass from Warszawa Wlochy railway station were created by the architect himself. The signpost is a very recognisable sign for the local community, while the Palace of Culture and Science is an extremely controversial but nonetheless majestic symbol of the capital.

Wizualizacja wnetrza Dworca Gdanskiego

The large, spacious, black, glossy made-to-measure furniture matches the shape of the room. The mirror effect finish of the panel doors acts to increase the size of the home office.

Dworzec Gdanski

On a small mezzanine with classic oak laid herringbone pattern, complemented by black furnishings, an extensive archive has been created. 

The sterile white look of the bathroom works well with the full-length mirror and contrasting materials.

The traditional tubular radiator has been hidden behind a perforated wooden casing.

The porcelain rabbit hook is a humorous reference to game trophies in a hunter's lodge.


A young architect's apartment


Tomasz Smol


68 m2 






Marek Korlak